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Evolving Terminologies for Emerging Technologies
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Last revised July 09, 2019

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About Biopharmaceutical glossaries & taxonomies
Acronyms & Abbreviations
Algorithms & data management 
Alliances & collaborations - pharmaceutical

Assays & screening - pharmaceutical
A to Z index

Basic genetics & genomics -- What's the difference?
Best practices, lessons learned & ongoing challenges

Bibliography - pharmaceutical
Bioinformatics information resources poster
Biologics: antibodies, cell therapies, protein therapeutics & vaccines

Biologics overview

Biology molecular & cellular overview
Biology pharmaceutical
Biology term index
Biomaterials & medical devices

Bioprocessing & manufacturing

Business of pharmaceuticals 

Cancer & Immuno-oncology
Cancer & Immuno-oncology overview
Cardiovascular: therapeutic areas
Cell & tissue technologies

Cell biology
Chemistry medicinal & pharmaceutical
Chemistry term index
Chromatography & electrophoresis

Clinical Informatics 

Clinical trials

Central Nervous System CNS & neurology: therapeutic areas
Combinatorial libraries and synthesis

Concise biopharmaceutical glossary
Contact Biopharmaceutical Glossaries & Taxonomies

Data Science & Machine learning
Databases & software

Diagnostics Overview
Drug delivery & formulation

Drug discovery & development
Drug discovery & development  informatics
Drug discovery & development overview
Drug discovery, development & diagnostics term index

Drug safety, pharmacovigilance, post marketing surveillance
Drug targets & disease targets

Ethics - pharmaceutical
Expression - genetic, genomic, protein & proteomic

Finance and pharmaceuticals
Functional genomics

Gene categories
Gene definitions
Genetic & genomic testing
Genetic variations & SNPs
Genomic Informatics
Genomic & proteomic manipulation & disruption

Genomic technologies

Genomics categories


Healthcare terms index

How to look for other unfamiliar terms

Immunology & autoimmune : therapeutic areas
Infectious diseases : therapeutic areas
Inflammation : therapeutic areas
Information management & interpretation
Informatics overview

Informatics term index
Intellectual property & legal
IT Infrastructure  for life sciences hardware & software

Journals for biopharmaceuticals

Labels, signaling & detection
Libraries, combinatorial & synthesis

Machine Learning Market Research poster
Maps, genetic & genomic
Mass spectrometry
Medical Devices
Medical informatics

Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Metabolic profiling & metabolic engineering
Microarray & protein chip categories
Microarrays & protein chips

Model & other organisms
Molecular diagnostics
Molecular imaging
Molecular Medicine

Nanoscience & miniaturization

Newer biopharmaceutical definitions 
NMR, synchrotrons & x-ray crystallography

Nomenclature, genes, proteins & species

-Omes & -omics
Ontologies & taxonomies

Patient resources
PCR & Gene amplification

Pharmaceutical biology
Pharmacogenomics & Personalized Medicine
Predictive analytics Information Resources poster
Protein categories
Protein Informatics

Protein structures
Protein technologies


Proteomics categories

Resources - pharmaceutical

Sequences, DNA & beyond

Site Map - Biopharmaceuticals

SNPs, CNVs & other genetic variations
Stem cells

Targets  drug & diseases
Technologies -- keeping up with emerging
Technologies overview

Technologies term index
Therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, CNS & neurology, Immunology, Infectious diseases, Inflammation

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