Biopharmaceutical Glossaries & Taxonomies     
and guide to 21st century therapeutics, technologies and trends
Glossary last updated January 2020   5,000+ definitions
compiled by Mary Chitty,  MSLS, Library Director & Taxonomist,
Cambridge Healthtech Institute, Needham MA

Mission: Enabling communication & collaboration among biologists, chemists, engineers, IT people, physicists,  clinicians, and suits for bringing new diagnostics, devices and therapeutics to market particularly for unmet medical needs 

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Biopharmaceutical Glossaries & Taxonomies reviews, accolades and more from Mary Chitty

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A very comprehensive Biopharmaceutical Glossary and list of taxonomies have been compiled by Mary Chitty, Library ... Mary Chitty has a long history in the world of taxonomy. Taxo-Diary Aug 2010

Gary B Smejkal, I'm an -omics, you're an -omics, Expert Review of Proteomics, 3 (4): 383-385 Aug. 2006  Thankfully, someone has undertaken the task of compiling the growing list of -omics.

Chapter on genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics in Using the Pharmaceutical Literature,  Sharon Srodin, editor, Taylor & Francis CRC Press, 2006

BioMedical Taxonomies/Ontologies - Current Status, Ongoing Challenges Respondent, ASIST American Society for Information Science & Technology Annual Meeting, Oct. 22, 2003, Long Beach CA   Biomedical ontologies handout

Where's my stuff?  Information overload, taxonomies and beyond  Special Libraries Association Annual Meeting, Pharmaceutical & Health Technology Division, June 10, 2002, Los Angeles, CA   

Internet Scout Report  Because genomics is an interdisciplinary science that unites biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, its language is diverse and includes terms not always found in dictionaries. .. links to pages on nomenclature, a bibliography of Web and print resources, and a FAQ page are available at this fantastic Website  2001

Science Magazine Functional Genomics Resources "Finding the right word" A guide to some useful online glossaries  Post-genomics, biotech and bioinformatics  Extraordinary, one- of- a- kind site. … The strong focus on, and lengthy treatment of, post-genomics topics makes this an invaluable resource  

"Omics, Schmomics" Jocelyn Kaiser ed. NetWatch Science 292 (5522): 1615, 1 June 2001 Everybody's talking about proteomics and structural genomics these days, but have you heard of transcriptomics?  How about cellomics? One site trying to track the dizzying evolution of the postgenomics lexicon is Genomics Glossaries.

ABOUT THE LEXICOGRAPHER Mary Chitty is Library Director & Taxonomist at Cambridge Healthtech in Needham MA and the editor of Biopharmaceutical Glossaries & Taxonomies. She wrote the chapter on Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics for Using the Pharmaceutical Literature, Taylor & Francis, 2006, the book Federal Information Sources in Health and Medicine, Greenwood Press, 1988 and reviews biotech and medical books for Library Journal,  BioIT World and Clinical Research News

She is Past-Chair of the Special Libraries Association SLA Pharmaceutical & Health Technologies Division  and was on the initial executive board of SLA’s Taxonomy Division. Formerly Head of Reference at the Library of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Boston MA, and Supervisor of the Air Pollution Technical Information Center at the US EPA Library, Research Triangle Park, NC   and a picture researcher and fact- checker in the US and England. She has an MSLS from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and a BA in Anthropology from Yale. Her interests include pre-competitive collaboration, biotech startups, and Gilded Age late 19th century  medical & pharmaceutical history and American theater.