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 Biopharmaceutical Ethics
Evolving Terminology for Emerging Technologies
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 Mary Chitty, MSL
Last revised June 21, 2019

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American Journal of Bioethics, American Journal of Bioethics Online

Bermuda principles: Agreed upon coordinated rapid release of data into the public domain. Summary of principles agreed at the International Strategy Meeting on Human Genome Sequencing, Bermuda, 25th- 28th February 1996.  Wikipedia 

bioethics: Former Bioethics Commissions* As a public resource, we offer on this page a list of all former U.S. national bioethics commissions (and one prominent international one), with all of their reports (and, where available, a downloadable copy of the report).

CDC & ATSDR Ethics

ELSI: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues
ELSI NHGRI, National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH, US
Ethics & Citizen Science NIEHS
, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH, US

genetic privacy:

Guidelines on Good Publication Practice, International Society for Medical Publication Professionals 2009

Informed consent:  Health & Human Services

Intellectual property:  Intellectual property

International Bioethics Committee, UNESCO

minorities and genetics: Exploring genetic issues relevant to minority communities Oak Ridge National Lab

NIH Bioethics interest group

neuroethics:  Neuroethics a field that studies the implications of neuroscience for human self-understanding, ethics, and policy…. But if instead you want to ask about the essence of personal responsibility and how we should think about personal responsibility in light of neuroscience, and in light of our criminal justice system, that is something that is well beyond bioethics. It involves neuroscience, philosophy and the law. International Neuroethics Society

Nuffield Council on Bioethics, Nuffield Trust, Wellcome Foundation, Medical Research Council   Ethical issues arising from developments in medicine and biology. Current projects include donor conception, novel neurotechnologies and emerging biotechnologies such as synthetic biology and nanotechnology.

Policy and ethics, NHGRI, US

Precautionary Principle, 

President's Council on Bioethics, archived content

public policy and biotechnology: US President's Council on Bioethics  

Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Georgetown Univ, Resources
NIH,Dept of  Bioethics
What HHS can do for your family 

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