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Last revised January 09, 2020

Not a comprehensive index, but a quick and dirty stopgap while I'm working on getting these webpages into a [long overdue] database.      Drug discovery & development terms index      Healthcare term index      Informatics terms index         Technologies terms index       Molecular Biology terms index

Assays & screening   90, 384, 1536, 3456 well plates, adventitious agents, assays… ,bioasays, biological assays, biomolecular screening, cell assays, cellular assays, competitive…,compound validation, counterscreens, diversity screening, enzyme assays, ELISA, focussed screening, forward pharmacology, fragment based drug discovery, high content …, high throughput screening HTS, hit, hit to lead, homogeneous assay, immunoassay, kinetic assay,  lead…, lead-like, lead optimization,  live cell assays, massively parallel, microplate,  microtiter plate, multiplex assays, phenotype screening, phenotypic…,potency… primary assay, progressible hit, random screening, reverse pharmacology, RNAi screening, sandwich assay,  screening, secondary assay, target based drug discovery, target based screens, tertiary assay, throughput, ultra HTS, virtual screening    See also Combinatorial Libraries & Synthesis 

Cheminformatics 3D QSAR, ab initio, CAMD Computer Aided Molecular design Computer Assisted Molecular Design, CAMM Computer Assisted Molecular Modeling, chemical informatics, chemical information, cheminformatics, chemoinformatics,  chemometrics, CLogP, CML, CoMFA Comparative Molecular Field Analysis, computational chemistry, force field, InCHi, lipophilicity, molecular design, molecular dynamics, molecular graphics, molecular mechanics, molecular modeling, molecular models, molecular recognition, "plug and play", QSAR, quantum mechanics, rules of five, silo systems, SAR, semi-empirical methods, simulated annealing, stereochemical formula, SPC Structure Property Correlation, van der Waals forces, virtual... . See also Chemistry,  Pharmaceutical Biology  Primarily a subset of Drug discovery informatics    

Chemistry: aliquot, API active pharmaceutical ingredient, backup compounds, biocatalysis, biochemical genomics, bioorganic chemistry, biophysical; characterization, chemical biology, chemical genetics, chemical genomics, chemical mutagenesis, chemical space, chemical tools,  chemogenomics, chemoproteomics, Chemistry Manufacturing & Controls CMC, chiral, chirality, chromophore, comparability, compound, congener, Dalton, dimer, enantiomer, flow chemistry, genochemistry, genomic chemistry, green chemistry, handedness, hapten, hard drug, heterodimer, hydrophilicity, hydrophilization,  hydrophobicity, immunochemistry, isomer,  materials chemistry, medicinal chemistry, metabolism- medicinal chemistry, -mer, molality, molarity, molecular scaffold, natural products, organic chemistry, oxygen radicals, PAINS Pan Assay Interference Compounds, peptides, peptidomimetic, privileged structures racemate, reagents, reverse chemical genomics, reverse chemical proteomics,  scaffold hopping,  structural chemogenomics, systems chemical biology, tool compounds

Combinatorial libraries & synthesis   array synthesis, bead, biased libraries, binning, building block, biomimetic synthesis, cleavage, click chemistry, cluster, combichem, combinatorial ..., compound collection, deconvolute, deconvolution, directed molecular evolution,  diversity…, diversomers, fragment libraries, gel phase, high throughput…., IR Thermography infrared thermography, in situ scaffold formation, iterative deconvolution, library…., linker, member, microwave chemistry, molecular diversity, monomer, orthogonality, pool,  pool/split, privileged structure, property space, random library,  resin, , retrosynthetic analysis, scaffold, solid phase…, solid support, solution phase, sort and combine, spatially addressable, , split samples, sub-library, synthesis, tether, unbiased library    See also Assays and screening 

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